Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can Accountants Be Effective Leaders?

The current recessionary climate has thrust CFOs into the spotlight and made one thing abundantly clear: U.S. companies are in dire need of financial leadership.

And, although for many financial professionals the idea of achieving financial leadership is a clear and realistic goal, few understand the skills necessary to become a true leader.

Business Finance Magazine explores the leadership skills accountants should focus on to become more valuable to their companies and firms.

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Belle said...

Accountants can be a good leader. Why not. Being a good and an effective leader doesn't rely on what is the leader's profession. Though background and educational status may define his belief and stand, it doesn't auto-define his capability.
Accountants are simply good in numbers, in computing, and understanding deficits and money and all that concerns counting. Demography, rates and feasibility studies could be their strong point. And what is everybody's problem now – money! They can focus on the growing number of ooutsourcing payroll companies. And another one, they can improve and regulate the positively fast growing online payroll services. And It is not all about payroll. Colorado, and the rest of America needs great accountants, because they need somebody who is always ready to be accountable in their lives.