Thursday, September 18, 2008

Latest Analysis On Financial & Investment Markets

Everyone is watching the economic affect of all the latest changes in the financial & investments markets. The latest bailout of AIG is one of a number of situations of which the effects are unknown.

MSCPA's Business Intelligence Briefs give you day-to-day updates on the economy and the latest news--as well as indepth analysis from the authors--Dr. Chris Kuehl and Keith Prather, both managing directors for the Armada Corporate Intelligence.

You may have seen – or heard – Dr. Kuehl on Kansas City radio or television. He’s a frequent commentator and analyst for both KMBZ radio and Channel 41. He was a professor of international finance and economics for 15 years, teaching in Estonia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hungary, and the United States.

Keith Prather has served as an active part of senior level strategic planning teams for Fortune 250 clients and has been actively involved in mergers and acquisitions, including pre- and post-merger strategic planning processes. He has extensive global experience and has coordinated an executive level education program in Taiwan.

Armada Corporate Intelligence conducts detailed analysis and assessment of the business environment and competitive landscape in order to provide strategic and tactical guidance. The aim is to provide actionable intelligence that can drive overall corporate profit maximization, return on investment, market expansion and penetration, niche defenses, and so on.

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