Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome To MSCPA's New Blog!

Your source for continuous information and profession news is MSCPA! And we're happy to bring a brand new resource to our CPA members here in Missouri.

Utilize this new blog to inform your fellow CPAs about profession-related information, tax season tips, management strategies, or any other topic that you would like.

Posters must register with Google...and we ask that you use professional decorum with all your posts.

We look forward to writing with you on this brand new resource!

Jim O'Hallaron
President & CEO
Missouri Society of CPAs


Tom said...

Glad to see the new blog!

Question - why MO and not MS in the URL? I understand you want to be MO (as in Missouri), but MOCPA is the Montana Society (last I checked), so there's some "branding" confusion here.


Thomas W. Bassett

Missouri Society of CPAs said...

Because there are so many state societies with common first letters, it was universally agreed upon that we would all choose URLs that represent our state's two-letter abbreviation.

Dawn Martin
Director of Marketing
MSCPA (MO Society of CPAs)

Mike Fitzgerald said... brings up Missouri Society's web site. They wes MSCPA all over their web site. brings up Montana Society's web site. They use MSCPA all over their web site. brings up Mississippi Society's web site. They use MSCPA all over ther web site.

I think I got it figured out. If everyone uses MSCPA we can get a lower the cost of printing.